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To get more variety, creativity in my job, I asked my dad to hire me. He said I didn't know enough. I learned more and eventually proved him wrong.

Kathleen B. Cashman

Cashman Consulting, LLC

1381 Route 38 West, Ste. D, Hainesport, NJ 08036
(609) 518-3540   cell (609) 234-9223

FIRST JOB: Painting needlepoint canvas pictures.

PROUD OF: Joining my father's company in 1988, buying him out in 1999, successfully growing it and making it my own.

DEFINING CAREER MOMENT: When I first started, I was thrown into doing a conference presentation. Years later, I was the kick-off speaker for an event booked by someone who had attended the first one. After my speech he confessed he'd been hesitant about my inclusion, but was now going to request that I be a major part of the rest of the program.

KEYS TO SUCCESS: Discipline and a 'can do' mindset.

MOTIVATOR: My inside critic who pushes me to be better.

I WISH I HAD KNOWN YEARS AGO: To give up the ego of thinking you know more than you know.

BIGGEST INFLUENCES: My mother and 2 grandmothers who taught me to take care of myself, like who I am, and be aware of who I want to be.

LEADERSHIP TIP: Be clear on who you want to become and what you are willing to do to achieve it.

ADVICE TO PASS ON: Both fear and faith require you to believe in something unseen. One's debilitating, one's energizing. Choose faith.

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: Don't overcomplicate things; keep it simple.