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Picking blueberries on farms with my family at age 5. This is how we earned a living after escaping war-torn Cambodia in 1979 with only the clothes on our backs.

Sokkie Choing, Owner, Broker of Record, GREEN Designation

Red Door Real Estate

1341 N. Delaware Ave., Ste. 208, Phila., PA 19125
(267) 972-9613

HOW CHOSE FIELD: While working in Manhattan for NBC I yearned for a non-corporate life. I returned to Philadelphia to create my own destiny.

PROUD OF: Our stellar service; all our clients become raving fans.

DEFINING CAREER MOMENT: My first year as a RealtorĀ® as I received an award, I vowed to set a community trend and open my own office.

KEYS TO SUCCESS: Surrounding myself with the right people and networking with others who can take me to the next level.

MOTIVATOR: The goal of moving to Hawaii with my husband to buy and develop commercial properties just as we do in Philadelphia.

I WISH I HAD KNOWN YEARS AGO: Tony Robbins' tools: Who I am; my purpose; the why that drives me; how life flows when all are in place.

LIFE LESSON: Things happen for a reason. See them as little gifts that make you who you are today.

BIGGEST INFLUENCE: My husband who influences me in all facets of life.

LEADERSHIP TIP: Come from a mindset of how to best serve others. It enables your business to grow and impact your community.

ADVICE TO PASS ON: Follow your passion; it will carry you.

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: Do something outside your comfort zone daily.

FOR A LAUGH: I get together with my husband; we pick on each other.