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Successfully transitioning from CFO to entrepreneur by launching a business from the island in my kitchen that is now in its 12th year and employs 13.

Nancy A. Dunleavy, President, Founder, CEO

Dunleavy & Associates

P.O. Box 613, Blue Bell, PA 19422
(610) 940-1616

FIRST JOB: Making cotton candy at an amusement park.

DEFINING CAREER MOMENT: The 9/11 attacks were a wake-up call. I thought about those who died at a job they may not have even liked, and it crystallized the importance of doing work that makes you happy.

KEYS TO SUCCESS: Being open to failure (i.e. teaching moments) and approaching problems that are out of my comfort zone.

MOTIVATORS: Connecting people who need to know one another, serving on boards, and helping young colleagues develop their talents.

LIFE LESSON: Stop trying to be a go-getter, and become a go-giver.

INSPIRATION: My father-in-law who told that when you have to teach up, it's time to leave your corporate position.

GREATEST PASSION: Being "Aunt Nancy" – my blood and chosen nieces and nephews bring me great joy.

LEADERSHIP TIP: I keep an "Atta Girl Box" of funny notes, images, compliments and thank you notes. For a pick-me-up, I look inside it.

ADVICE TO PASS ON: When you refer to someone by name, you automatically elevate the interaction to the beginning of a relationship.

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: Don't get so busy delivering your business that you stop developing it.