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Early in my sales career I had a mentor named Frank Turano who taught me the basics, starting with "Spit out that gum!"

Stephanie "Sam" Fleetman, President

Mustang Expediting, Inc.

35 Stanley Drive, Chester Township, PA 19014
(610) 497-6360

FIRST JOB: Working in a Laundromat. It had "bachelor service" so I did other peoples' laundry for $1.25 an hour on evenings and weekends.

HOW CHOSE FIELD: My family was always in freight movement. I started in air freight and accidently ended up in trucking/warehousing.

PROUD OF: Our team. They truly want to help our customers.

DEFINING CAREER MOMENT: Taking the leap to build my own building. The rentals always had shortfalls, especially lack of truck and trailer parking.

KEYS TO SUCCESS: Being willing to suffer and sacrifice. Period.

MOTIVATOR: Being told very often by customers that we are the best at our business that they have ever experienced.

I WISH I HAD KNOWN YEARS AGO: Everything about running a trucking company; I learned it all the hard way.

LIFE LESSON: Don't be so afraid of failure; most business owners are in the same boat.

LEADERSHIP TIP: Let employees know you are paying attention and that you care about what they do.

ADVICE TO PASS ON: Stay in school.

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: "Go in through the front door."

FOR A LAUGH: I sit with the team and get them laughing!