Women's Yellow Pages of Greater Philadelphia


Dancing With the Stars. In my head I can twirl just like Cheryl Burke.

Iola Harper, MA

City of Philadelphia, Deputy Commerce Director

4548 Market Street, Phila., PA 19139
(215) 895-4000

NETWORKING TIP: Approach networking with a giving spirit. Developing relationships is the way to reap the highest return on networking.

FOR BALANCE/STRESS RELIEF: I listen to music at a very high volume. Also, I just started running and love the way I feel afterwards.

MOST REWARDING PART OF CAREER: That my efforts to give others the tools to grow their businesses will directly fuel our local economy.

INSPIRATION: Personally and spiritually: my mother who was a catering entrepreneur who made time to nurture our family and local community. Professionally: Michelle Obama who has the whole package.

WANT TO LEARN NEXT: I've been developing my artistic side. I just got my cake decorating certificate and want to take more crafting classes.

WANTED TO BE WHEN GREW UP: A fashion merchandiser and buyer, which was my career out of college. It wasn't as glamorous as I had imagined, but sharing my experiences gives my clients insider insights.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Being in positions where I can expand my network. Connections are my favorite part of business.

DEFINITION OF SUCCESS: Living on your own terms, with happiness and peace, and being satisfied with that.

NEXT ITEM IN BUCKET LIST: Being able to complete a 5K.