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From the Desk of Ellen Fisher, Publisher

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Two weeks ago I found myself enjoying the end of a work day as I snacked at my desk and perused my trade exchange's website in search of unusual holiday gifts. A piece of cookie fell from my lips onto my keyboard just as my mouse clicked on a site for a hypnotist who specializes in weight loss. I often ignore signs and omens, but this one (which ironically happed to fall right in between Halloween chocolates and Thanksgiving pies) seemed to hit me over the head like a brick.

I would be fibbing if I told you that I tossed the cookie in the trash. What really happened was that I continued eating the cookie while watching video clips about hypnosis. As I was nibbling on my last bite, the chunk that I pried out from between the 'f' and 'g' keys on the keyboard, I picked up the phone and made an appointment for a consultation to see if I might be a good candidate for hypnosis.

Fast forward to the Monday after Thanksgiving. I invited Bonnie, our eZine editor, to accompany me to the hypnosis consultation that day at 1:00 pm. I did this for two reasons: 1) She spent most of the morning complaining about how tight her clothing was from all the food she had eaten over the holiday weekend; and 2) She is good at diffusing stressful experiences (weight loss programs fall into that category for me) by infusing them with light-hearted enthusiasm.

Another thing you need to know about Bonnie is that she doesn't like to miss meals because that upsets her blood sugar balance. I am okay with missing meals... provided I get to eat twice as much at the next one. Of course, this is why we were in the car on the way to see a hypnotist. With six minutes to spare before the appointment, Bonnie pulled into a shopping center that housed a nice Persian take-out. She proceded to order chicken in phyllo dough and a handful of grape leaves. I kept protesting that we wouldn't have time to eat; but she merely asked the proprietor to cut the chicken in half so it would be easier and quicker to eat in the car.

We pulled into the hypnotist's parking lot a few minutes late. Between bites I said I was going to sit in the car and finish my portion. Bonnie said that she didn't feel comfortable being more than a few minutes late. She also said that since it was a healthy lunch the weight-loss hypnotist would never criticize it. So she galavanted right into the office building, dolmades in one hand, napkins in the other, and a bottle of water under her left armpit.

I ran after her. Just as I made it to the top step, I heard the hypnotist greet her and chuckle as he said, "I can't believe you are eating while coming to see me about weight loss! And boy, is it garlicky." Whatever trepidation I had been feeling about addressing my extra weight lifted and I joined them in a good laugh.

There are two business lessons in this little story. The first one is that it is very important to choose to work with people with whom you enjoy spending time. The second is to make sure you laugh during every workday. Humor not only keeps stress levels down, it also allows you to approach your business (and life) in a more open, fresh, creative and inventive way.

Ellen Fisher, Founder and Publisher, who actually failed one of the preliminary tests for being a good hypnosis candidate



The 24th edition of the print directory is full of hundreds of women-owned businesses and wonderful resources. Click on the photo of the cover and you will be taken to a list of locations where you can pick up your very own copy - for free. If you prefer to Go Green, the Yellow Pages website directory is totally up to date and available for searching 24/7.

The 16 outstanding women pictured on the cover of the print directory and on the home page of the online directory, are the 24th edition's Women of Accomplishment. They are at different stages of their careers, and work in diverse fields, but they all share the vital trait of being impassioned leaders. Click on each name and you will be taken to profiles where you will read about their inspiring paths to success, discover their unique insights and perspectives, and learn some of their motivational leadership tips. These exceptional women embody the word accomplishment and it is our honor to present them to you.
Yashima White AziLove, MBA, CPC, CMP - Magnate Marketing & Consulting
Lisa B. Binder, President - g2G Associates, LLC
Yvette D. Bright, Chief Administration Officer - Independence Blue Cross
Beverly D. Chandran, Realtor ®, Series 6, 63, Banking/Insurance/Investment - Coldwell Banker - Welker Real Estate
Jennifer Cohen, President - Something Creative LLC
Rachel R. Cohen, CFP® , CRPC ®, CDFM TM - Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Mary Cushing Doherty, Esq., Partner - High Swartz LLP
Barbara J. Doyne, Financial Advisor - Brumbaugh Wealth Management, an Office of MetLife®
Brenda Fontroy, CEO - Little Lambs Family Day Care
Susanna Foo, Chef and Owner - Susanna Foo Radnor and Foo to Go
Susan K. Garrison, JD, LLM - Garrison Law Offices and The Center Foundation
Shayma Kazmi, MD, RPh - Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Mazda T. Miles, President - Perfection Events Inc.
Marilyn Russell, Host, Mornings and Woman of the Week - 95.7 Ben FM
Michele T. Schina, CPA, Owner - TMS II, LLC
Michelle E. Venema, Sr. V. P., Commercial Banking, Brandywine Division, Fulton Bank

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